High Quality Industrial
3D Printing

At 3DMZ we are specialized in 3D printing of end-use parts, prototypes and functional modals.

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Discover the possibilities of Industrial 3D Printing

We help your company with ideation, strategies and implementation of Industrial 3D Printing.

Ideation & Concepts

We at 3DMZ love to work with clients developing new digitization strategies, product concepts and work on totaly new concepts or combinations that can only be realised using Industrial 3D Printing.

Advise & Strategies

Industrial 3D Printing is a disruptive technology that has the potential to replace many conventional manufacturing processes. It also enables new business models, new products and new supply chains.

Implementation & Production

3DMZ helps companies implement Industrial 3D Printing and make the most appropriate choises. In our own facility with Industrial 3D Printers we also produce 3D Printed parts and apply the business cases that thave he most impact.


Custom 3D printed tools

Save time and costs with custom 3d printed tools

With our industrial 3D printers we are building custom made tools for mechanical engineers that help them speed up their work process (on the factory floor and in the field) and save costs.

We create custom 3D printed tools for:

KLM Case Study

For KLM Engine Services we create high quality 3D printed tools that helps them speed up the overhaul process of engine parts and save costs.

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3D printed end-use (spare) parts

A digital inventory with spare parts. Always available.
When and where needed.

Our bespoke 3D printed sports gears are improving the performances of athletes.

We create custom 3D printed tools for:

PWN Case study

Reverse engineering of infrastructure that is no longer available.

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Bespoke sports gear for a better performance

When it comes to professional sporters, every inch and every ounce counts. With custom ultra light sports gear with specific characteristics tailor made for each individual sporter we help you go the extra mile. We developed this specific carbon cycling arm rest for a top Dutch cyclist. We 3D scanned the arms of the cycler and 3D printed a negative mold on which the carbon was formed.

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Professional, industrial 3D prints for end-use (spare) parts,

custom tools and prototypes.

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