Innovate without risks or barriers

We all know the greener pastures stories about how the world is changing rapidly and how a new industrial revolution - driven by smart technologies - is nearby. We hear about the opportunities that seem endless as well as threatening to the existing corporations. New startups that are lean and mean will take up arms against the old companies and drive them out of business within the next ten years. At the 3D Makers Zone we help companies understand the opportunities and threats, debunk the myths and separate the wheat from the chaff. After that, we take what’s left and build on that. We help you investigate what the opportunities are for your business and how to capitalize on them.

From there on, the experts of the 3D Makers Zone guide you in the proces of implementing these smart technologies in pursuance of immediate growth. All local and regional governments as well as the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs have spoken out for the 3D Makers Zone: “The 3D Makers Zone is a textbook example of how the Dutch economy should innovate. All companies can improve themselves and make giant leaps by partnering with this innovation playground.”

3D Printing, Robotics, Internet of Things and Blockchain

Opportunity Thinking

The 3D Makers Zone is a unique venue in that it not just talks about innovation, but allows for on the spot direct innovation and facilitated research. Results within a day, one stop shop and prototype creation. After a day at the 3D Makers Zone, your company walks away with at least ten new ideas for new business cases that have the potential to generate radical growth. Guaranteed satisfaction.

New growth

Save on labor, materials, parts, components, inventory, durability, transport and development time. More income through high end products, bespoke design, personalization, innovative design, biomimicry and new conceptual as well as innovative end products.

Innovating within existing corporate structures can take years. At the 3D Makers Zone, you can have a prototype as fast as within three days. This will help you race away from the competition.


The 3D Makers Zone has many partners. We work closely with the following knowledge partners, education partners, business organizations and more

No innovation, no future

The newest production technologies allow for new ways of producing, new business models and new sectors. These trends might sometimes still be taking place under the radar, yet they are already underway and irreversible. They are lingering, biding their time until critical cost drops occur and critical mass becomes within reach, opening up new markets for their applications - that’s when they take off and become unstoppable. Do you really want to risk ignoring smart, digital production technologies? Do you run your business on the old adage ‘the old ways are the best’? You might be ok today, but could be missing an undercurrent that will one day transform into a landslide, wiping away your market without you knowing what hit you.

Not innovating means falling behind. But investing in expensive machine and qualified staff mean taking enormous risks. Wait, why is there nothing in the middle? A way to start using new technologies without investing huge sums of money? This is where the 3D Makers Zone comes in.

At the 3D Makers Zone, you can use all infrastructure, hardware, software, business cases, partners, best practices, knowledge, experience, networks and current projects to catch up to the innovation undercurrent within a short time. And the best thing about it is that it does not require a reorganization or a large investment. In fact, the costs of becoming a partner at the 3D Makers Zone and plugging its innovation IVs into your companies’ vains can be as low as 5% of what it would cost if you would invest in this in house.

Faster and smarter together

Two heads are better than one. This certainly goes for the 3D Makers Zone where clients profit from the knowledge provide by other companies as well as students from universities, community colleges and high schools, in open innovation. Of course we honor requests from clients and partners that require the highest confidentiality as well. Even those clients innovate by profiting from shared knowledge, but they remain anonymous and do not share their own innovations. But most clients are happy to reciprocate their innovation process with other companies in order to move faster.

Combining new production technologies

3D Printing, Robotics, Internet of Things and Blockchain all provide tremendous opportunities, but only at the 3D Makers Zone will you learn how to apply these in your own production processes. What makes life even more interesting, is in combining said new production technologies. This leads to radical change and if you understand how to make these work for you, you are on your way to whopping competitive advantages.

Whopping competitive advantages

Through its open innovation style, the 3D Makers Zone has proven that innovating in co-creation not only works, but also speeds up the process and makes it more easily accessible and lower threshold as well as lower risk. What is stopping you? Nothing to lose if you try it out, lots to lose if you do not. The future of your company is at stake! Make an appointment or just drop in and be amazed with all the opportunities that are up for grabs for your company.